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  • Crazy Miracles and Beautiful Stories from Burundi…
    Greetings! It’s with great pleasure I can feed back to you about another explosively fruitful summer outreach with Harvest Initiatives in Burundi from the 4th – 18thAugust, just last month. Here a...
    2018-09-10 17:45:30
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  • The Adventure Begins!
    After another frenetic and fruitful summer of preaching and family fun, the big day has arrived. Tomorrow we embark on our 33-country 10-month preaching and world-schooling tour. I feel a mixture of e...
    2018-09-04 20:27:01
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  • Barred from School in Burundi?
    Last year at this time I penned the following, which is the same situation today: Aaarrgh! I write this angry and sad and tearful and frustrated. And I want to write now whilst I feel deeply raw. I...
    2018-09-03 15:05:57
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  • Steve Higgins
    I’m grateful that God is at work in my family. And I didn’t even realise it! I’ve prayed at different times for loved ones in our family to know Jesus and it looks like nothing is happening but it turns out that lots is happening. Faith has been growing and it’s been wonderful to see. Jesus, I am so grateful. I’m also grateful to my wife who has such a big heart for people and is taking risks to show Gods love to them. Yesterday she mentioned that someone we know who has terminal cancer was in their garden. Meaning, why don’t you go down and talk to him. I said yes but only if you come with me. I added if you don’t come with me then there’s no point reading all these challenging Simon Guillebaud choose life readings! After a few chores we both went to see our friend and we had the most wonderful time. I could have gone by myself but it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as rewarding. So I’m grateful to Jesus for my wife.
    2018-08-22 11:14:38
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  • Claire
    Working in Boscombe is proving to have its challenges. Nursing staff are exhausted. Patients expectations growing. It’s time to inject some fun, laughter and chill out time ad a team to enable to be refreshed, dynamic and daring to step out
    2018-08-09 10:22:42
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  • Iva
    2018-07-30 11:46:29
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