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  • Sara
    Now we start it No sugar no bread
    2021-03-15 05:15:03
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  • Rob
    About 16 years ago, my sister forgave me for sins I committed against her. However 4 years ago she made it known I was no longer wanted in her life; it is emotionally difficult for her to be around me. Lord, you know the pain and heartache of each of your children, please comfort my sister and help us each draw closer to you. If your will is for us to be reunited in relationship, please guide us; but if not help me to love her in silent prayers.
    2020-11-30 18:13:07
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  • Shiela
    Stepped out and offered prayer to someone who mentioned they were anxious about a trip they were making. They expected me to go away and pray but I prayed for them there and then - which opened them up to a further conversation.
    2020-08-28 14:33:59
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